Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey All You Stampers!

I've finally done it - I've created my own Stampin' Blog! It's been on my to do list forever and most days I thought it was just a crazy idea. I mean, I have a hard time keeping up with our family blog so why in the world would I want to start another one? However, I recently sat down with my upline in Stampin' Up! - Stephanie Gittins - and we both decided that we needed to make some goals and get back on track.

One of my goals was to get this blog up and running. I've spent all day on it - which is embarrassing to admit, but if you know me at all you'll realize that one day may not be that bad. I'm a hopeless perfectionist so I played around with the look of my blog and tried every different combination of paper, fonts and colors until I finally found something I liked. It's really too bad Blogger doesn't have more of a selection of fonts and/or colors - that would make things so much easier!

Another of my goals is to post pictures of upcoming classes and Girls' Night Out projects. I've put in my order and I'm just waiting for it to come so that I can get started! So by the end of this week I'll have some great pics to start you drooling. All I can say is that I have some fun stuff planned :)

If you haven't seen Stampin' Up!'s new catalog then you are definitely missing out. I personally am in love with all of the new papers and ribbons - oh and punches. I just can't get enough. There is a link to the online catalog through my Stampin' Up! website - just to the side here. Go ahead and take a look. You'll be excited too!


Steph Gittins said...

Your blog looks fantastic! I definitely need some help making mine a little more lovely. I can't wait to see the great projects you have planned. You definitely inspire ME!

Debbie said...

I love the look of your new blog. I can't wait to see what you are going to post for projects. I'd really like to get busy making things again. I think we've all had a long enough break!