Monday, June 1, 2009

the Last Chance List is here!

I can't believe it - but it's time to retire our Stamps again! The name has been changed from 'Retired' to the 'Last Chance' list. I think it's a fun change. I know I've announced in my classes that Stampin' Up! will be moving back to one catalog per year starting in July; but I don't think I've announced it on my blog. I'm pretty excited about this change; I was really getting bogged down with all the retiring products. It felt like I'd barely had time to use them before they were gone! Here are the links for the Last Chance lists:


Decor Elements

(Decor Elements are 25% off!!)

Stampin' Up! released the list of retiring accessories earlier than usual this time and a lot of things are on sale, so take a look. I'll try my best to update this list each afternoon; accessories are only available while supplies last. So if there's something you want, don't hesitate to order or you may miss out!

*I had a hard time posting the accessories list due to the formatting, so it's a little squished, but I think you can read all the important info! The list is in the post below.

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