Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bird Punch Flowers

Mother's Day was 3 months ago.  I just barely gave my mom and mother-in-law their gifts.  Aaahh!  How sad is that?  In my defense, I had the gifts ready on time but I just couldn't find a box big enough to send them.  Next time, I will think about the shipping aspect before deciding on a gift.   So, Mom and Ginger - I'm very sorry it took so long to get your gifts to you.  Next year will be better!

Here is the card I created for both of them:

I saw these pretty flowers all over the stamping blogs and forums that I check regularly and definitely had to make one.  They're made from the wings of the 2 Step Bird Punch - who would have thought?  On each of the petals I sponged some ink to give it more dimension and layered them together with SNAIL adhesive.  

I really had a lot of fun making this card.  You could change the greeting to anything - Congratulations, Get Well, Happy Birthday - whatever you can think of!


Mitchell Family said...

Love the cards. Man, if I wasn't selling Miche bags, I would probably be selling stampin up. I miss that stuff so bad. I need to make more cards. Glad you have a blog for it so I can get some ideas. I still haven't used my chalk pallet at all.

Mitchell Family said...

P.S. How on earth did you create a cute blog for your business? I would love to make one just like it for my purses. Coach me on that:)

Amber Meadows said...

Heather, I'm going to pull out my chalk and make some samples just for you :) I know what you mean about selling - if I wasn't already doing Stampin' Up! I'd probably be selling Scentsy right now. I love that stuff!

I facebook you on how I did my blog. Blogger has made some changes recently that make formatting much eaiser!

Debbie said...

I just love this card! It really is beautiful and unique! I don't care if it was late, I never gave it a thought!

Anonymous said...

I love this card, it's just beautiful!!