Sunday, February 13, 2011

School Valentine

I've seen these cute Valentines of kids holding suckers all over the blog world lately and I absolutely HAD to make one. I'm not sure how long the idea has been floating around, or even who started it - but I found my inspiration here. Adorable, right?

It would have been so easy just to add some text to the photo and print it, but the scrapper in me couldn't leave well enough alone. Why not pull the picture into MDS and make some fun Valentines for my adorable little kindergartner?

Andrew and I put our heads together and this is what we came up with:

Would you believe he picked the background paper? I did the rest and he gave it his stamp of approval.

I should tell you that my little man was a little grumpy when we took this picture because I made him change out of his pajama shirt and put on a nice red one. What's the big deal? I let him keep the bottoms on! After a little teasing about how his grumpy face was going to break my camera, he perked right up and gave me some awesome goofy smiles.

I procrastinated too long to be able to print them at the copy shop, so I had to use my own printer. Not great quality, but it gets the job done.

Using my hobby blade, I cut two slits in the picture and slid the sucker through. Super easy, and Andrew loves them!


Lindsey Smith said...

They are going to be the cutest Valentine's that anyone receives tomorrow. You are amazing!!!

Amber Meadows said...

thanks Linds!!

Jackie Barfield said...

Shared it on Facebook. Expect to see these next year everywhere!