Monday, August 8, 2011

MDS Monday #26

Today's theme is "Christmas in August".  There are some really adorable new Christmas downloads that will be available in the upcoming Holiday Mini, but for this page I decided to stick with the downloads that I already have.  Here's my end result:

After opening my Christmas photos from last year, I realized that I'd taken them all on my iPhone because my real camera was struggling.  Translation: the dumb thing took terrible pictures and I figured cell phone photos would be better than none at all.  Sadly, using these pictures on a scrapbook page is proving to be a challenge.  Luckily for me, I had just read a post from Stampin' Up on where the idea was to take less than perfect photos and change the opacity, thus turning them into a watermark.

For the photo on this page, I changed the opacity to 60%.  When you change the opacity on any object, remember that your background will begin to show through.  To get around this I layered my photo on top of a square of Very Vanilla card stock - worked like a charm!

I then added a Vintage Overlay on top of the photo to give it a more vintage feel - left alone the photo simply looked washed out and grainy.  The downside to Vintage Overlays is that you can't change the color (not that I'm aware of anyway), and since I didn't want a stark black image over my photo, I changed the opacity on that as well.  It's certainly not an ideal photo, but then again I'm not a professional photographer and I'm bound to have plenty of less than perfect pictures.  Thank goodness for this technique!

I also wanted a different texture for the striped background paper, so I layered a Hip and Handsome overlay in Very Vanilla on the top.  It's different, but I like it.


Christmas Cheer (patterned paper)
Christmas Cocoa II and Christmas Cheer (elements)
Striped Grosgrain Ribbon, Taffeta Ribbon
Vintage Overlays
Hip and Handsome Overlays
Font: Pea XOXO

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