Thursday, January 23, 2014

MDS Blog Hop - What are you working on?

Hi! Did you just come from Aly's blog?  Bet she's got something adorable up for the blog hop today!

I don't have any special projects to share this time, just working on some scrapbooking.  I take about zillion pictures in a week so it's inevitable - I'm behind.  But I've decided that I'll never be finished, and I've made peace with that.  In fact, I embrace it! If I ever reach the point that I am 'caught up' then I need to get out more. Live a little. Take more pictures! :)  

I don't really have a method to my madness; I simply scrapbook what I feel like at the moment.  My creativity flows better that way.  Sometimes I even start working on a page before I know what photo I'm going to use.  It just depends.  This time around I knew what picture I wanted - one of my sweet little Jesse that I snapped a few weeks ago.  He finished his bottle and passed right out - and it was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen.  You should have seen me holding my phone at all kinds of crazy angles trying to get a great picture! My antics were worth it though. This is one of my favorite shots of him. 

I mostly used Hello Perfection and Finest Simplicity but the background paper is from Life Celebrated and set at 40% opacity.  

To help with the placement of my circles, I opened a circle punch, expanded it to the size I wanted and used it as a template for the smaller circles. Once I had them where I wanted, I deleted the large circle.  Easy Peasy!

I hope you're having fun and feeling inspired on today's blog hop! Your next stop is Cindy who always has a treat in store for us! :)


Holly VanDyne said...

Ooooh, LOVE LOVE LOVE that big circle of circles (and especially that sweeet picture!)

Cori Kozak said...

This is soooo precious! I love the colors and all of the little elements you added to your circles!!

Julie Davidse said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Completely adorable! I love the tip about the circle, too--always helpful!

beth rush said...

just so sweet!! I miss my babies being that small! your page is absolutely adorable!

Wendie Waldman said...

scrapbook pages are special - especially this one!

Anna said...

That's a beautiful page, I'm going to have a play with MDS and do one with my 3 months old G/son.