Thursday, September 11, 2014

MDS Blog Hop - Time to Print!

Hello! I've been away from the hop for the summer. Things just got too crazy for me to keep up so I took a little break. I'm glad to be back and hope I can inspire you with some fun projects today!

We spent three weeks visiting family this summer and my kids were over the moon to spend all that time with their cousins. Who wouldn't love a party that lasts for three weeks?  The kids are definitely missing each other and can't wait to be together again but with the time zone difference and school schedules it's difficult to keep in touch. I'm always trying to get my boys to write cards and send them to family but they're resistant to the idea. They like getting the mail, but sitting down and writing seems a little too close to school I think.

I decided that if they had some fun cards to write on they might feel a little more motivated. I chose to do a post card because it's a smaller space and they won't feel like they have to write a novel. See how tricky I am? ;)

I started with a template from the Fifty Nifty download and played around with all my downloads until I found combinations I liked. Definitely the long way to do things, but it works for me. So far I have two designs and I've got a third one brewing in my mind... My boys will definitely want some options. I mean, who wants to send the exact same card over and over again? :)

Design 1:


Design 2:

I'm pretty excited to get these printed! Crossing my fingers that my boys will actually use them!

Cindy is up next - can't wait to see what she's sharing with us today! 

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Wendie Waldman said...

These are so fun - I do hope your boys use them. Their cousins will love getting them.

Julie Davidse said...

Fun idea! I have some great memories with my cousins--we are still in touch!

beth rush said...

really fun cards! its great that you are helping the kids stay in touch

Jeanna Bohanon said...

holy smokes! You will forever be one of my fave MDS designers!

Amber said...

Jeanna you are so sweet! Thank you!!