Thursday, December 4, 2014

MDS Blog Hop - Christmas Traditions

Hello! Can you believe it's December already? Crazy how the year flies by. Today on the blog hop we're sharing our Christmas traditions with you.

Last year in our house a cute little elf named Christopher started coming by to visit and ahem...caused some mischief while he was here. When he first came the other toys weren't too thrilled to be sharing their territory. They chased him all over the house. But this was one of my favorite days - we found him playing a game with a few of the guys. Looks like he's finally fitting in.

My boys are so excited that I'm creating a book of all our Elf memories - a book for each year that he comes. "But where are we going to keep all those books?!" they asked. Well, on the shelf of course! 

I hope you're enjoying today's hop and love taking a peek at all the fun traditions our blog hop team is sharing! Cindy is up next :)

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