Monday, January 26, 2009

January GNO

I was pretty excited about how this month's GNO projects turned out. True to form, I finished them right before the class was about to start. Although, if I stick to my New Year's Resolution, this should be the last month that happens :)

I decided to go with a Valentine's Day theme and I chose to use the Bella Rose DS paper. I really love this paper and it's so hard to decide which side of the paper to use because it's all so cute.

I'm proud to say that I designed this card all by myself! A lot of times I scrap-lift ideas or layouts from other stampers, which isn't a bad thing, but it's always nice when I can design something on my own. It gives me a little ego-boost! For this card I pulled out my brand new Lightbox (thanks Mom!) and we learned to dry emboss. It's a simple technique, but one that is so much fun and adds a lot of texture and dimension to the card. The heart is actually a chipboard shape that we covered with paper. I love the way the brown polka-dots tie into the wide grosgrain ribbon!

Our next project was this adorable little bag. We filled it with Hugs and Kisses - wouldn't you love to get one? I found the idea on the Split Coast Stampers website, and just tweaked it a little to work with the supplies I had on hand. It's actually made from a paper bag - how cute is that? We used the Bella Rose paper for this project as well and I gave my stampers a few different patterns to choose from. Here's a picture of the bags my mom and sister made:

We had so much fun - thank you to everyone who was able to make it! Next GNO will be held on Friday, February 20th due to Valentine's Day. I know you all love me so much, but I'm sure you'd rather be on a hot date than stamping with me - or would you? hee hee!

Hope to see you on the 20th at 7:00 pm!


Maria Williams :) said...

thanks for sharing your projects! i always enjoy seeing what other do at their workshops/meetings!
i too love the Bella Rose paper too!!

Camille said...

I already forgot what you charge for the class. I am so lame! But, I need to get started on a card kit for my SIL's Christmas present.

Amber Meadows said...

Hey Camille - I charge $4 per class. BTW, if you'd answer your phone, I'd schedule a time with you to work on your SIL's present! Just kidding - you know I love you!

Anonymous said...

I would, lol! There wont be anything hot about my valentine's day. I will probably take my kids to the movie theater. I look forward to that day because I enjoy making my kids happy. I can watch your kids if you want to go on a hot date!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I also enjoy GNO so much, it is so much fun!!

Megan said...

Hi Amber...I found your blog through Stephanies. I love these projects. The card and bag are so fun! I love the dry embossing on the card too! Thanks for sharing your fun ideas! :)
Oh, I love the look of your blog too! :) I want something super cute like this for mine. :)

Debbie said...

They were fun projects to make. I'm going to make some more bags to take visiting teaching and I bought some very yummy chocolate to put in them!

Lexsie and Steve said...

Amber, I love this bag! You and the Relief Society made my night when you brought the bag by with the cookies! The bag was absolutely adorable. Thank you so much.