Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes, I've been MIA - but Girls' Night is still on!

So...I've always been told that if you write down your goals you're much more likely to achieve them. That was the idea when I posted my goals a few weeks ago. But then...Life Happens! In my defense, I did try to put up a post for Technique Thursday two weeks ago, but everything I made was ugly. :( Do you ever have those times? You've got ideas, but somehow they look so much better in your head! I was so frustrated that I decided to scrap the post for that week.

The week after that...I just wasn't feeling well. I did make some cute bags for Valentine's Day, but that's all I had energy to do. Ugh. I thought for sure I'd be able to pick it up this week and I did get some great stuff made - mostly in preparation for GNO this Friday. However, now that I actually have something to show you - I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA!! Can you believe that? I just had it on Monday, and now it seems to have disappeared.

So, I wanted to post to let you know that I'm still here, I'm still stamping and I am planning a fantastic GNO for tomorrow - I just can't show you pictures!

I hope you'll be able to come; I'll be showing you how to make a scratch 'n' sniff card and how to make over a tin bucket into an adorable gift for a friend or as decoration for your own stampin' space! Plus, I'll be starting up with my On-Time drawing again. You won't want to miss out :)

GNO is at my house, tomorrow night at 7:00 pm. I'd love it if you could RSVP so that I can have supplies ready for you ahead of time, but if you forget, I'd love to have you there anyway.

See you tomorrow night!

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