Monday, March 14, 2011

MDS Monday #5

I'm not really into St. Patrick's day - never have been - but since this week we were supposed to use green in our designs I thought, why not? I could have done any number of things, but I thought it was as good a time as any to move out of my comfort zone. I looked on Stampin' Connection for some inspiration and found this card by Meryn Foster. Loved it! Had to copy it!

I studied it for a few minutes and thought I could make my own using MDS. Punches are my new favorite thing ;) Here is my version:

When lining up the buckles and the brads, I found the easiest thing to do was click "Arrange", "Align" and then you can choose "Top", "Middle" or "Bottom". Play around with it a little bit and you'll get comfortable with it quickly - it's super easy. I found a video tutorial on by Heather Summers that will show you what I'm talking about .

As always, the girls over at UDI have done a great job on their designs. Make sure to check them out!


soggystamper said...

Your card is hilarious, Amber!!! Great job of making those shoes with the punches.
Sue aka The Soggy Stamper

Lisa said...

GREAT Card!!!! funny! Keep up the outstanding work...don't forget SLC in July!

Amber Meadows said...

thanks ladies!! Lisa, we'll have to see about SLC - plane tickets are becoming astronomical due to the gas price increases :(