Monday, May 16, 2011

MDS Monday #14

This week our theme for MDS Monday was "Shades of Blue". I've never attempted a monochromatic layout before, so this was definitely a challenge.

I decided to create a journal cover this time around. I was thinking about my son who's finishing Kindergarten this year, and I realized that his summer vacations will probably seem very short now that he has to go back to school in the fall. So why not make him a journal that's just for his summer vacation? He's still learning to write, so it'll be great practice for him and he can draw pictures as well. I had to use pictures from last summer, since I obviously don't have any from this year, but that's ok - it works :) I think he'll have a lot of fun looking back on his summer journals. I wish I could remember what I did with my summers when I was growing up!

I like this version a lot, but I really wanted to add some color and different elements so I thought I'd mess around with it a bit more.  Here's my second draft:

What do you think?  One design, two different looks.  I love it!


Mary said...

They both look GREAT, would be hard to choose just one!

Lindsey Smith said...

Great job on both!!!

Amber Meadows said...

thank you!

Debbie said...

That is a fun idea! Both pages are nice.