Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MDS - not just for scrapbooking

This is pretty different from the stuff I usually post, so hopefully it doesn't offend anyone - but I thought the idea was too cute not to post.

The other day I sat down with my laptop, intending to find and print the potty chart that I'd used for my oldest son.  My youngest has been very resistant to the idea of "becoming a big boy" and up until now I've let him have his way.  We didn't fight with Andrew and it was a fairly easy and stress-free process - I intended to do it the same way.  Why not use the same chart I'd already created?  As it turns out, the file doesn't transfer from my PC to my Mac.  I could have just run downstairs and printed it out, but then it occurred to me:  Couldn't I make a spiffy new one using MDS?

I set to work immediately and found a couple of graphics online - Thomas the Tank Engine underpants and a potty.  Perfect :)  I saved them to my desktop and then pulled the graphics into my project in MDS.  Here's the end result:

How's that for a potty chart?  I laminated it and we use a dry erase marker to cross of an underwear each time he sits on the potty.  Simon loves it!  He's still resistent to the whole idea, so this is going to be a long process, but he has managed to cross off "all the underwears" once already.

If you're wondering about the title of our chart, I took it from a favorite book of ours by Mo Willems.  Simon thinks it's hilarious and it gets him excited about the whole process.  Wish us luck!

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