Thursday, July 26, 2012

Convention Samples - round 1

I still pinch myself when I think that out of the thousands of demonstrators out there, Stampin' Up knows who I am! I was thrilled to be asked to create some MDS samples for Convention this year! The only thing that could have made it better was if I'd actually been able to go to Convention to see my projects on display.  Several of the girls from our hop were able to go, and they graciously took pictures so that I could join in the excitement!  I created 15 samples using the new Digital Content CD's in this year's catalog and over the next few days I'll post all of those so you can see what I was up to during my long absence from the MDS Blog Hop. 

Today we'll start with some pictures of Convention (thanks to my blog hop friends) and the samples that made it to the display boards.

Eek!  I'm on the list!!

Did you happen to notice that Jeanna, Erica, Heather and Holly are on the list too?  So exciting!

Back here in the corner you can see my calendar peeking out.  Before being asked to be a display stamper I had never created a calendar in MDS.  Shocking, I know!  It was a lot of fun to use the calendar options in the Design Center of MDS.  I created a 10x5 calendar  and used downloads from all of the new CD's in the catalog. 

Look close and you can see one of my cards up there in the corner.  It's one of my favorite cards - masculine and simple but lots of fun.  

Here's what the card looks like close up (I left it blank on the inside):

Up next is another card and my attempt at a vintage style design.  I don't do vintage very often - not that I dislike it - it's just not my typical style.

I used the Fan Fair Collection for this one 

Laying down here on the shelf (where no one can see it grrrr...) is a postcard I made.  I combined a couple of ideas I found on Tiny Prints for this one using the Fan Fair Collection.  It's one of my favorite collections!

Here is the front:

And the back. 

By the way, I totally made up this address - so don't send your fan mail there. We don't live in Chantilly - I just love the way it sounds.  ;)

And last but not least, my board book!  I spent hours - and I mean hours! - on this book.  I'm very proud of it and I don't mind saying so.  When I started it, I had a simple format I wanted to follow and I was sure that it would be quick to put together.  Well, I always forget that lots of layers bogs down MDS on my laptop.  I'm pretty sure it's because I'm working on a MacBook Air.  My husband (a super smart computer guy) says that when we upgrade to a MacBook Pro it should fix the problem. For now I just have to deal with it, and when working on a big project like this book every change takes a ridiculously long time.  I'll be honest - I pulled a couple of all-nighters to make sure this book was ready on time, but it was worth it.

I've been collecting kid quotes since Andrew could talk, so I have plenty of material to work with.  I'm sure I'll have at least 2 more volumes in this series of books.  I feel a little like a published author {giggle}.  Except my book isn't in stores... details, details.

A sneak peak at the inside:

Here are the books that were created by my Blog Hop friends!  Aren't they gorgeous?  From left to right its, me, Heather Summers, Erica Shaw, Jeanna Bohanon and Holly VanDyne up front.  Way to go ladies - they look fantastic!

I had hoped that some of my scrapbook pages would make it on display, but I knew ahead of time that not everything would - there simply isn't room.  I'll be posting more projects in the next few days and I'll include a video of my calendar and board book so you can see the entire thing.  

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my excitement!


Holly VanDyne said...

YAY Amber!!!! I LOVE all of your projects! :) They looked beautiful up there!

Aly Schilling said...

OMG I love, love, love, love, LOVE your kids say the darnedest things book. I HAVE to start one of these!!!!

Amber said...

Thanks ladies!! That means a lot! Aly, you'll be glad you did - it's so much fun to look back and read the things they said. I couldn't stop laughing to myself as I was putting the book together, haha!