Friday, July 6, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Monochromatic

Well, hello there!  When I said I was taking a couple of weeks off I really thought it would be a couple of weeks.  It's turned into much longer than that - I'm sorry  :-/  I am still trying to get back in the groove and although I'm working on my project, it's not quite finished.  We're headed to the water park today and I thought, Why not bring my laptop along?  I could finish up my project while the kids play.  My hubby was quick to veto that idea so sadly, I won't be able to post it until later today.  Never fear though, I'm back on the hop and super excited about it.  I've missed posting with my favorite MDS gals!

*Finally!  I'm finished with my monochromatic page.  It's funny how you can have a clear calendar and then your time seems to fill up before you realize what's happening. This was definitely a challenge for me - I had to resist the urge to add more colors, but overall I think it turned out well.  Hope you like it :)

 While you're waiting for me, why not check out the rest of the group?  I'm excited to see what they have in store for us today!

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