Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MDS Blog Hop - Vacation Pics

Good morning!  This week we're all sharing what we've been working on.  I am definitely in the mood for some warmer weather, so I started looking back at our vacation pictures from last fall.  It seems like so long ago that we were in Orlando, sweating it out in 80 degree weather.  Next time I'll be smart enough to plan a trip to Florida in January :)

One of our favorite activities from the trip was a chance to feed and pet the dolphins at Sea World.  I've always, always, wanted to touch a dolphin!  Really, I've dreamt about it.  So imagine my surprise when my husband announced that he bought tickets to the Dolphin Encounter.  He's not the type to splurge like that - he keeps to a strict budget - so I was beyond thrilled.  It's pricey - as are all things in Orlando - but it was worth every penny.  We had one on one time with a trainer, we fed the dolphins, got them to do some tricks and spent plenty of time petting them.  It was incredible.  I've only finished the first page from this event, but I have a zillion and one pictures so there are definitely more pages to come!

I found a layout on Pinterest that I liked and copied it almost exactly.  Generally I use lots of layers and embellishments on my pages, but this one I wanted to keep more simple.

Thank you so much for hoping along with us today - we love being able to share our projects with you!  Have a great week :) 


Wendie Waldman said...

A fun layout that highlights the sweetest picture.

Amber said...

thank you Wendie!