Thursday, October 24, 2013

MDS Blog Hop - What I'm working on

Are you ready for another round of fabulous projects?  I can't wait to see what everyone is working on!

Right now I'm working on a birth announcement for my sweet little man.  I managed to make handmade announcements (and send them out!) after my first son was born and I had every intention of doing that for my second baby, but he switch from one child to two proved to be more difficult than I expected and I never made announcements let alone sent them out.  He'll probably never care, but I still feel like he's left out somehow.  I've been determined not to do the same thing for my third son, and this time, I have My Digital Studio on my side!  It's so easy to play around with different ideas and, even though I love handmade, being able to create the design once and then print as many copies as I need will save me so much time!

I nearly designed an announcement with the new postcard shapes, but I ended up with so many amazing pictures of my sweet baby that I went with a tri-fold card instead.  I really wanted it to open vertically rather than horizontally and I was disappointed to find that we don't have that option.

So I thought and I thought, and then it hit me - design it sideways! I'll admit - it's taken some extra time to do it this way, but I'm very pleased with the results.  I found the easiest way to do it was design everything horizontally and then flip it.  Kept me from having to look at my screen sideways the whole time ; )

Pretty cool, right?  I wanted the main focus to be on Mr. Jesse so I didn't add much in the way of stamps or embellishments.  Besides - why would I try to compete with those gorgeous photos?  My friend Jenny Lewis is an incredibly talented photographer!  She moved earlier this year, but I kind of begged her to come do pictures for me.  Being the sweet person that she is, she drove two hours with her own two kids and then spent the afternoon with me doing the photo shoot.  Let me tell you - a newborn photo shoot is hard work!  Jesse peed on every blanket we had - multiple times - and pooped on me, also multiple times.  My super sleepy baby also decided that he wasn't interested in staying asleep that day.  It was crazy!  LOL.  If you're ever in Virginia and need photos let me know - I'll hook you up with Jenny.  She is phenomenal! 

There is a backside to this card, but since I don't always know who's reading my blog and I want to save some surprises for the friends and family we're sending these to, I'm only going to show you this part. After I send out the announcements I can post the other side for you to peek at : )

Ok, on with the show!  Next up is Cindy's blog and something tells me she has something amazing in store for us!


Cori Kozak said...

Oh my gosh - so adorable!!! Those photos are precious! All he needs is a feather headband. baahaaahaaa.

Amber said...

Feathers! ROFL!!

Julie Davidse said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful card!

beth rush said...

what a sweet baby! those photos are precious! great card to show them off!

Wendie Waldman said...

Precious! Love the versatility of MDS and how you've used it.