Thursday, April 10, 2014

MDS Blog Hop - It's Spring!

Why hello there! Today on the blog hop we're celebrating Spring and I just have to say - thank goodness it's finally here! I'm not a fan of Winter. I am a person who needs lots and lots of sunshine.

I just did a quick page this week with a picture of my husband and son getting in some time on the swings. Whenever we go to a park we spend most of our time at the swings - it's Simon's favorite thing to do. 

I used the Watercolor Wonder paper to fill my hexagon punches. Normally I'm not a flowery person so I decided to throw in a few flowers on this page. I even used a couple of flower papers. Impressed? I am. ;)  Even though it's a "boy page" I still think the flowers work. And just for the record, I think it's perfectly ok to use pink and/or flowers on a boy page. 

Cindy is up next so while you're over at her blog make sure to give her a shout out for creating our fun new Blog Hop tags!


Julie Davidse said...

Oh, I miss those days! And I agree, it's perfectly ok to use pink/flowers on a boy page! Really cute!

Wendie Waldman said...