Thursday, March 27, 2014

MDS Blog Hop - What are you working on?

So I blinked and it's almost April. When did that happen? Maybe while I was huddled under a blanket wishing for Spring...? Apparently I've been too busy to notice the weeks flying by. Maybe if these ridiculous snow storms and cold fronts would give it a rest then I could really believe that warmer weather is on the horizon.

Cold weather or not, April is nearly upon us! I looked at my computer monitor the other day and realized that I hadn't changed my desktop background since January. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, except that I'm staring at a January calendar every day. Have you ever left something in one place for so long that it just becomes a fixture and you don't even notice it anymore. Kind of like that laundry basket I keep walking past...

Anyway, it was definitely time to do a little updating. We've had some really fun downloads come out recently so it was pretty easy to put this one together. I hope you like it. But if you LOVE it then I win bonus points and you can download it for your own desktop - just click here.

I fell in love with the phone booth in the Dropping You a Line kit and I've been looking for an opportunity to use it. This seemed like a good fit for my new desktop background.

To create my background I used the Rise and Shine Pocket Cards. I increased the size of the card to fill my canvas then copied and pasted and mirrored the image. It was easy to line up the two and I love the look!

Hope you're having a great day and enjoying our blog hop today! Thanks so much for stopping by - I love being able share what I've created with you!

Next on the hop is Cindy - can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve this week. Her projects are always amazing! 


Julie - Kewlstamps said...

Love this!

Julie Davidse said...

Your computer always looks darling, I'm sure! Fun!

beth rush said...

really cute! something fun to look at everyday!