Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

I found the idea for these cute little treats on Becky Roberts' blog - she is one creative lady!  I swear I want to copy everything she posts :)

For this project you need peppermint patties.  I looked everywhere for the York Peppermint Patties that are foil wrapped, but it seems that during the holidays they wrap them a little different:

Since I couldn't find the right peppermint patties, I used these chocolates instead:

It's cheaper chocolate, but  I was dying to make this project so the sacrifice was necessary :)  Andrew loves them though - I've had the hardest time keeping him away!

I used Serene Snowflakes from the Holiday Mini (which expires January 4 - hurry and order what you want!), and I wanted them to have a pretty sparkle so I pulled out my Frost White Shimmer paint.  It was also in the Holiday Mini and will still be available even after Jan. 4.

Ok, so the first thing you'll want to do is make a Shimmer Mist.  Grab a small spray bottle - I used a left over Stampin' Mist bottle; it holds 2 oz which is perfect.  If you do that, just make sure to label it.  Don't want to use that instead of your Stampin' Mist!

Fill the bottle with 2 oz of rubbing alcohol and then about 12 drops of Shimmer Paint.  Shake well!  You may also need to keep shaking while you're using it so the glitter doesn't settle and then come out in glops.  I didn't have any problems though - it was pretty easy.

Now you're ready to spray your paper!  Hold a few inches away from your cardstock and spray quickly - I found that helped me get a nice even spray.  Your cardstock will curl up, but as it dries it will lay flat again.  Once it dries - which doesn't take long - you'll be ready to punch out your paper:

Isn't that fantastic?  I also added some Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds to my snowflakes because a girl can never have too much glitter!

Now you're ready to adhere these cute labels onto your candy.  I just used my SNAIL adhesive and it worked great.  Then I tucked them into pretzel bags from Wilton and tied it closed with the Old Olive Striped Ribbon - adorable!  That has to be my favorite ribbon.  I hope Stampin' Up keeps offering it - and in more colors too!

Try it out on your own and then post pics of your creations - I'd love to see what you come up with!

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Debbie said...

Very cute! Fun idea and so easy too!